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Tennis Rules


  1. No shoe tag, no play.
  2. 1 Set Rule: If anyone is waiting to play, the court should be vacated after a set.
  3. All guests should be signed in to the visitors' book before play.
  4. Please don't forget to sweep the courts after play, unless they are very wet.
  5. Predominately white sports clothes to be worn.
  6. Tennis shoes with Non-Marking soles and relatively fine tread must be worn.
    Chunky or aggressive soles (e.g. cross trainers) are not allowed as they will damage the courts.

Bowdon Bowling & Lawn Tennis Club Rules (Tennis Section)

  1. The recreations of the Tennis Section shall consist of Lawn Tennis and other games that may be approved by the Directors of the Club.
  2. The Members of the Tennis Section in General Meeting shall have power to make such rules as they deem expedient for the good management of the Section and as may be approved by the Directors of the Club.
  3. General Meetings:
    1. There will be an Annual General Meeting which will be held in January.
      A General Meeting may be called at any other time on the written application to the Secretary by 12 or more members.
    2. 8 weeks notice of a General Meeting shall be given.
    3. Any proposal to alter the rules shall be sent to the Secretary within 14 days of the date of the notice convening the meeting.
    4. Proposed rule changes will be exhibited in the pavilion and any members wishing to amend such proposals shall formally advise the Secretary within 14 days of the date of the notice.
      Any amendments to proposed rule changes will be displayed in the pavilion.
    5. Only those proposals to alter rules and amendments thereto submitted in accordance with this rule will be considered at the General Meeting.
  4. The Tennis Section shall be governed by a Committee to be elected annually by the tennis members in General Meeting, consisting of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary, Ground Secretary, Membership Secretary, Secretary for Junior Members and Tournament Secretary.
    A quorum shall consist of five Committee Members.
    The Committee shall have power to fill any vacancies which may occur in their body and/or co-opt any additional members.
    The Annual General Meeting shall elect 3 or more (the exact number to have been previously agreed with the BBLTC Ltd board) Directors and 10 Shareholders.
    The Directors, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Secretary must be Shareholders.
    The other Shareholders must be Members of the General Committee.
    NOTE: Any Shareholder who ceases to meet the foregoing qualifications must forfeit his/her share.
    The Committee shall be empowered to elect new Members to the Tennis Section at their discretion. Applications for membership shall only be made on the official application forms and sent to the Membership Secretary with the appropriate subscription.
    Members may be elected to membership in any one of the following categories:
    1. FULL MEMBERS, who have voting rights, may be:
      1. Senior Members, being Members who are over 21 years of age at the beginning of the season or who shall attain the age of 21 years before the First day of September in that season.
      2. Student Members, being Members who are 23 years of age or under as at the First day of September in that season, who are full time students attending any recognised teaching institution.
    2. TEMPORARY MEMBERS, who have no voting rights, being Members of the club for only part of the season.
      The fees payable by a Temporary Member shall be decided by the Committee in each individual case.
    3. JUNIOR MEMBERS, who have no voting rights may be:
      1. Members between the ages of 11 and 18 years inclusive as at the first day of September in that season.
      2. Children of Senior Members of the Club and may be elected Junior Members on their 6th birthday.
    4. SOCIAL MEMBERS, who have no voting rights, who may play up to five times in any one season.
    5. COUNTRY MEMBERS, who have no voting rights, living at a distance of over 40 miles from the club, and not restricted as to the number of times they play.
  6. In addition to all the before mentioned categories of membership, the Committee may elect any person to be an Honorary Life Member.
  7. The Committee shall be empowered to regulate the admission of members and non-members to the Club's grounds and premises.
    A senior member or junior member (11 years or older) may bring guests, but no visitor may play more than three times in any one season.
    Similarly a visitor may play up to three times before deciding to join the club.
    Junior members under 11 years age may not bring guests.
    A fee shall be 2 charged for each visit as agreed by the club in Annual General Meeting.
    The name of each visitor must be entered in the Visitors' Book which is kept in the Pavilion before going on court, by the member introducing the visitor, and the member shall be liable for any fee payable.
    NOTE: Social members are not permitted to bring visitors under any circumstances.
  8. The Annual Subscription, Visitors Fees or other levies shall be such sums as the Members of the Tennis Section may, in General Meeting, from time to time determine.
    1. General Rules for All Members:
      1. Any one or more courts may be closed for treatment at any time during the season on the authority of any two members of the Ground Committee.
      2. Play is allowed on match days on any courts to be used for the match, up to 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the match, as long as the courts are brushed before the match.
      3. On match days, play will be restricted to courts not required for the match.
      4. Play on courts by any Members must only take place when the courts are fit for play,
        i.e. free from ponding and not in conditions of thaw, and are in a non-slippery condition and free of debris.
      5. All courts must be dragged before vacating the court.
      6. Net must be slakened after play.
    2. Full Members (as laid down in Rule No. 5a) and Honorary Life Members may play at any time on any court in accordance with the rules set down in Section A.
    3. Junior Members may play on any court in accordance with the rules set down in Section A subject to the following restrictions:
      1. Junior Members under 10 years of age must be supervised at all times by an adult.
      2. Junior Members are required to vacate their court if Senior Members are waiting to play.
  10. In the main playing season from 31st March to 31st October, Club Play,
    i.e. general mixing of players, shall take place from 2pm until 5pm on Saturdays, Sundays, and Bank Holidays, plus up to two afternoons and two evenings per week.
    The weekdays and evenings to be decided upon each year by the Committee.
    At all other times, fixed fours may be arranged subject to priority being given to matches, tournaments, and other organised Club events. All Club play is restricted to one set of not more than 12 games.
    Thereafter, players shall vacate the court if others are waiting to play.
  11. The financial year of the Tennis Section shall terminate on 30th November each year, when the Treasurer will prepare a half-yearly financial report as at 31st May.
    Subscriptions must be paid to the Treasurer by 30th April.
    Members who have not paid their subscriptions by this date will forfeit their membership.
  12. A Joining Fee, to be decided by the Committee, will be charged for new or lapsed Members.
  13. Any Member transgressing the Rules, or behaving to the annoyance of other Members, may have his or her membership terminated by the Committee.
  14. All players using the courts must wear recognised tennis attire, preferably white.
    Tennis shoes, not training shoes, must be worn.
  15. Betting in the Grounds and Premises of the Club is strictly prohibited.
  16. It is the duty of all Members to serve the Club to the best of their ability and to assist in preserving the traditional courtesy and good fellowship which are the heritage of the Club.
  17. Members may only use the tennis courts when a current shoe tag is displayed.