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Junior Club Night

Junior Club Night Friday 4th May - Friday 20th July

Junior Club Night Friday 14th September - Friday 19th October

Year 7

Due to the large numbers in the 5-6pm session we would like the new Year 7ís to continue coming from 4-5pm until October half term.
At Easter they can then join the later session. We have done this in the past and it works well.
We will make sure the Year 7ís have a court/s so they can play and socialise together.

Reception to Year 6

We are very keen to encourage our younger members to come to the social night too so if your son or daughter is in Reception to Year 6 and hasnít been for a while please ask them to come along for some fun games and activities.
To make it even more exciting, for the next 4 weeks anyone in Reception to Year 6 can bring a friend for free!

All new members will be made very welcome so please come and say hello!

Come and have some fun on Friday nights with your friends.
David will be organising a mixture of fun group activities, structured play and free play.
It's great way to start the weekend!

4-5pm Reception to Year 6

Parents/Carers must sign their children IN & OUT, with prompt collection at 5pm please.

5-6pm Year 7 to Year 13

Please sign yourself in.

6-7pm Free play for Year 7 +

Squash and biscuits will be available.

There will be a rota for parents to help with this and with general supervision.

Please can you also ensure you fill in a contact information sheet and photo consent form.

Look forward to seeing you there!

4-5pm session Guests are free for 3 weeks

5-6pm session Guests are £3 a session

(Max 3 sessions)

Junior Club Night - Starts Friday 22nd April